There are many dental treatment these days which north only provide aesthetics But also insure tooth stracture.

Composite veneers can be placed in the mouth directly, or can be fabricated in a lab, and later bonded on the damaged tooth using resin cements. A Porcelain Veneer, on the other hand, can only be indirectly fabricated.

A cosmetic dentist’s important treatment is Veneers. Dentists use Veneers to restore single damaged tooth or multiple damaged teeth, which might be fractured, discolored, or damaged. It helps them give their patients, teeth resembling that of their famous celebrities. Many people suffer from problems like small teeth, which leads to spaces between teeth, which may not be easily closed by orthodontists. Other problems like worn out edges of teeth, malpositioned teeth, etc. Veneers can help in closing these spaces, lengthen the teeth that have been shortened because of wearing out, fill in the black triangles appearing between teeth due to gum recession, help provide uniform, shape, color, symmetry and help teeth appear straight.

When you first visit the dentist, he takes a small part of the enamel and takes impression of teeth.

Veneers though are successful, these have its drawbacks. Certain doctors believe that these veneers can harm the teeth in the long run, especially used at an early age. Also, veneers need to be maintained and retreated after a certain period of time.

However, there are many alternative treatments available these days. Non-permanent veneers are much better than permanent veneers. There are also many DIY kits available in the market, which has made veneers simpler and safer.


Laminates are porcelain veneers made using patented porcelain technology. Traditional veneers and crowns were a little painful. These laminates are comparatively less painful. Only two dental visits suffice for aligning your teeth and changing the color of your teeth. Stained, discolored, chipped, and maligned teeth can be treated permanently.

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