We at Anugrah Dental Clinic strongly believe that the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth can never be matched with any replacement tooth. Perhaps, this is the driving force that has been inducing us to strive and save the natural tooth through root canal treatment. Our dentists treat patients requiring root canal treatments through advanced techniques and treatment procedures.


Every tooth contains a soft tissue called pulp inside them, which acts as the nodal point for blood vessels, connectives tissues and nerves that carry the signals. The soft tissue pulp extends up to the root of the tooth and plays a vital role during the development phase of the tooth. So, when tooth decay is left unattended, it affects the pulp, and penetrates deep into the root and causes inflammation and severe pain. When patients approach us for root canal treatment at our clinic, we always make sure to educate them about the necessity of root canal treatment. The reason – we feel it as an absolute necessity to clear the myths associated with RCT and thereby to reduce the apprehension of our patients.


On most of the occasions, root canal inflammation typically presents set of symptoms to indicate the necessity of treatment.

  • Chronic pain
  • Prolonged sensitivity on both hot and cold conditions
  • Difficulty in chewing due to inflammation
  • Severe discoloration of tooth


At Anugrah Dental Clinic, we believe and make sincere efforts to save natural teeth, and hence, we resort to extraction procedure only when the tooth has attained the ‘beyond salvage’ situation. Therefore it is no wonder we adopt the best of practices and deploy the latest gadgets to remove the infected pulp and clean the inner surface of the canal, before closing the exposed parts with a suitable sealant material. Finally, the sealed surface is further protected with a suitable crown or other restoration to render complete functionality and prevent deterioration of the tooth.


As tooth decay spreads, it slowly start damaging adjacent teeth too and in no time, leads to a threatening situation which may demand complete extraction. Hence it is highly recommended not to ignore any pain or inflammation in the tooth roots.


Dentists at our dental hospital, always adopt sincere efforts to provide the best of treatment and thereby ensure the patient safety for any procedure. With the aid of sterile ambience and technically advanced accessories, we offer RCT with the sole intention of saving natural teeth. Although root canal treatment is an established procedure and does not carry much of side effects except for minor and temporary pain, it does present the chances of relapse of infection in very few cases. As a part of our endeavor to offer quality treatment, we make sure to adopt strong preparatory and excellent treatment procedures and thereby reduce the chance of re-infection.

If you have been experiencing pain, inflammation or tooth decay, the best choice to avoid tooth extraction is to approach our clinic for necessary root canal treatment. Contact us today to save your natural teeth.

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